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quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

Creating a Media Center with PC Hardware & MAC OSx - Hackintosh Step by Step - Part #1

Okay... I'll do this article in english. My friends from Brazil plz put this page at
There are 3 videos i've made about this article in Portuguese... If you don't have time to them, just jump to next text... ;)

Part One

Part Two

Part three

First of all... THE IDEA...

Well the idea is to create a Media Center, but use MAC OSx and not Windows. And I want to be able to stream from any devices and idevices to this Media Center and vice-versa.

So first.. There are somethings to know...

a) It's not easy as it seems
b) You'll fail if don't follow this ;)
c) Don't worry, you can do this.

Lets split this Article in some Fases...

a) Choose the right Hardware
b) Install the Software
c) Adjustments

The easy way... goto HARDWARE BUILDS
choose any of these builds and be happy... But if you stuck at some different hardware cus you're in Brazil and did not find the MotherBoard or anything else at a good price, $$$$$$ so... you need to know the MOST IMPORTANT THING.... The MB(Motherboard) Rules this project. If you pick the wrong one, say bye bye to your money and time...

Before choosing... you need to know what is a DSDT!!!!!!!!! If you know something about hardware will be easy to understand... just read this:
and this

If you don't wanna know and don't care about learning... okay... but knowledge is the key to solve future problems.

Again... if you don't mind about all this tech stuff, the only thing to check before buying a MB is if it have a DSDT for it's hardware. The easy way to search for it is at

Select your motherboard and if there's a DSDT for your Board and Bios Version.. so go on... or else, buy a motherboard that fits this requirement. I recommend Gigabyte MBs

ps: If you are interested creating a Hackintosh and don't know how to check your bios version or to seek for your MB DSDT at the site above, this article is not for you... there some basics you got to know before attempt to do this... don't get me wrong okay... but give up or study

Well, once the MB is selected... you gotta choose other hardware like Video Card, Bluetooth for wireless keyboard and mouse, bla bla bla...
If you are not sure what to pick... goto COMPATIBLE HARDWARE and buy any of those video cards or other hardware listed. It certainly have support. If you wanna buy something different, you need to seek KEXTS FOR YOUR HARDWARE and see if the board you're buying have any kext for it (kext is like a Windows driver to enable all features from your hardware)

My choice was this:

And especial attention to MB Z68A-D3-B3 bios F5
(if your bios do not meet the DSDT requirements just update the bios with a version that fits

Well that's it... With the hardware chosen let's go to next fase...

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